About Me

A trusted technology expert, Vancouver’s Thierry LeVasseur has built his career on web based innovations and gained a reputation for his work and expertise in digital security, email communications, and digital file sharing.

Thierry LeVasseur has been credited with developing over 150 web assets, such as customer focused portals, extranets, websites and more. In addition, Thierry has several patented-protected advancements to his credit, including:

  • Secure transfer of emails that does not require a change of address
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Information viewing feature that allows users to see elements of a message before opening it, such as other recipients’ responses
  • A threaded view of email conversations
  • Display of private and public messages in a communication
  • Advanced “For your eyes only” features

Early in his career, Thierry focused on securing email communication as he could see how dependent businesses, organizations and individuals were to the technology. In particular, Thierry addressed the concern that email communication systems are vulnerable to cyber crime, like malware and data and identity theft.

Most recently, Thierry has focused on enhancing communication tools by creating a platform for startups that provides a secure cloud-based content management system, allowing for multi-channel communications.

Thierry LeVasseur earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Quebec, his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Ottawa and master’s degrees in international business from Northeastern University, Boston, and from the Reims Graduate Business School in France.